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Monday, November 08, 2004

Animal Crossing

I bought Animal Crossing yesterday, as a little reward for having done Exeter. As a result, I'm getting very little done (other than in the world of Animal Crossing, of course, where I've already paid off the loan on my house, and forged alliances across the town).

I spent much of yesterday morning (and some of yesterday afternoon) watching back to back episodes of The OC (amusingly, the sixth result when you enter "The OC" as a search term into Google is an obsessive compulsive foundation.)

Anyways, I'd forgotten quite how much I enjoy the show. It's far fetched, yes, and soap like, but that's half the fun. And I just love the little Cohen Family Dynamic, not least because of Dad Sandy. I may yet declare Sandy to be some kind of God. Caring father, loving husband, idealistic public defender. The Sandman rules.


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