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Friday, November 19, 2004

Dora The Explorer

I'm currently watching Dora the Explorer on Nick Jr. It's very enjoyable. It's one of those sort of semi-educational programmes, but not nauseatingly so. It also teaches Spanish. So I realised I already knew how to count to five in the language - quite a surprise, until I realised that I knew it from The Offspring's Pretty Fly (For A White Guy). As ever, any knowledge I have comes not from a respectable source, but from pop culture.

I must say, Dora makes a much better attempt at teaching kids a second language than the dreadful Tots TV did. For some reason, I've found that everyone of my age remembers Tots TV. Perhaps we all went home to watch it after school in order to avoid doing homework. Its revolutionary idea was to teach kids French. But as I recall the only phrase it taught on a regular basis was "un sac magique". It remains a mystery as to why the programme makers thought teaching kids how to say "a magic bag" would be of any use at all.

Dora is not my favourite Nick Jr, show, though. Oh no. My favourite is Little Bill. I love Little Bill. More than you can possibly imagine. I love Little Bill himself (his adorable gap toothed grin...) I love Little Bill's family. And I love Little Bill's pet hamster, Elephant. Look at this. How can you not love Little Bill?

And the show's on at 9am! Only a few more minutes. I can see that my aim of actually doing something today is going to be difficult to meet. Sigh.


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