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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

A Good Day

It's been a good day. Have made good progress on my work, so managed to spend the day hanging out in Croydon with my little bruvver.

Returned home, and checked my e-mail to see if any work-related stuff had come through in my absence. It had.

At the end of last week, I'd written some content. It had been a first draft, and I'd had to write it from quite complicated source material, and so I was a little nervous about getting the verdict from the expert in the field to whom my boss had sent it. Not least cos this expert ain't just an expert in this area of healthcare, but also a pretty damn good writer.

Anyway, verdict back today - "fabulous". I'm simultaneously chuffed and relieved.

The noticeable cloud on the horizon is my impending visit to Jersey. Happens this coming Friday. I have to rise ridiculously early, get a cab to Waterloo, get a train from Waterloo to Weymouth, get on the ferry at Weymouth at 11am, get to Jersey at 2:00pm, find the person who'll be waiting to drive me over to the office, work at the office, get back to the port for a 6:45pm sailing, arrive back in Weymouth at 10pm, find the hotel I've booked, sleep, try not to oversleep, try to eat breakfast, and then come back to London.

Those who are regular followers of my anxiety disorders will probably understand that this trip is gonna be a, er, challenge.

I should say that my lovely boss was very understanding when I told him I couldn't fly. Most people would just tell you to take the damn plane anyway, but he said he understood the phobia and that there was no problem with my taking the ferry. Little does he know I'm not all that wild about water either, but given the choice between being in a vehicle which has contact with something (even if it is the water) and being in a vehicle which flies through the air unsupported, I'll take the ship.

I am of course worried about being ill while on the boat, but the guy in Jersey we're going to see says the wind isn't too bad at the moment. And the ferry website says the special fast ferry I'll be taking has some super-duper smooth sailing system.

Despite all that, if you're on the ferry from Weymouth to Jersey on Friday and see some pale, nervous looking 25 girl in the corner puking her guts up... Well, that'll be me.

Hey: another good thing just happened. A colleague of mine from the company which cut me loose just phoned. (Does a colleague remain a colleague once you've left a place of work? Probably not, but I can't think of a better word). Anyway, haven't spoken to her for a while so it was good to catch up, and to hear tales of the stresses of the office. I feel bad for my friends left there, but also feel vindicated in my decision to get out.


  • At 7:28 PM, Blogger Sundried said…

    Not the most fabulous flyer myself but managed to get to Melbourne and back pretty much by pretending I wasn't on a plane at all, but a remarkably uncomfortable restaurant/cinema.

    For the boat, if you can manage it and it's not raining too hard, go outside. Fresh air and a light breeze is always better than overheated, stale interior - and another option not available on the flying tin can. Bring some music, don't look down and you'll be there before you know it.

    Glad you had a good day...


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