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Saturday, November 06, 2004

Hello, Sundried!

Much excitement in discovering that Sundried - friend of all the constituent members of our Blogger community here at Nuggets (Taxloss, Fizzwhizz and Hypatia) - is reading these ramblings! I feel all flattered.

But, wait! There's more! As if having a reader wasn't great enough, Sundried has asked me about the work of televisual art that is Alias! No, really, I'm not lying so as to have an excuse to talk about one of my fave shows. Look:

"On that note, I have a question only McReadie can answer and I'll have to ask it here. I saw my first eps of Alias late one night in a hotel room. What is going on there? Even with the explanation over the credits and the thousands of hours I've clocked in front of the TV, I'm lost..."

Never one to disappoint my adoring readers (all five or so of 'em), and knowing a good excuse to talk about Alias when I see one, I have decided to offer a Beginner's Guide to the show. In the very next post! Contain your excitement!


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