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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Here We Go Then, Kids

I feel like I used to on Christmas Eve as a kid. Excited (will I get what I want?) Terrified (have I been good enough to deserve what I want?) Sleepy (how I am going to stay up long enough to check I'm going to get what I want?)

The Buddy placed a results-about-to-start call. He has to work tomorrow, and so is aiming to hang on til three before getting some sleep. He predicts a Kerry landslide. I refuse to predict. I never predict on anything which is really important - that means elections and, er, the Tour de France.

(For the record, he's defining a landslide as 55% to Kerry. I really should have pointed out that winning the popular vote does you no good. He's also predicting it'll all be over by 3am - I think that may just be wishful thinking on his part since he wants to get to bed by that time).

Good for Vermont. NBC are predicting Kerry's won it. Shame about the other three they've called for Bush.

I had worried over which TV coverage to watch. I have (evil) Sky, so there are many channels from which to choose. I contemplated watching Fox, but have decided only to switch over to them should Kerry start to clearly be the winner. For the moment, I'm going with CNBC Europe, which is taking NBC's coverage. It's kinda exciting to be watching the coverage most US peeps will be.

Remember, everyone, that Taxloss is live blogging the results. He already has a lot of interesting info up on his site, and a rather nice special logo. Check it out.

Let's go.


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