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Thursday, November 18, 2004

Hey Diddley Dee, A Strange Day It Has Been

I haven't really done very much. This includes a failure to make my bed, a failure to get changed out of my pyjamas and into clothes, and a failure to eat lunch until about five minutes ago. Also a failure to leave the house. You probably guessed that I wouldn't leave the house in pyjamas but, heck, I do live in London - outside of the house in nightware would not, I suspect, be considered abnormal.

I had big plans at the start of the day. I arose at 8:05, which is virtually unheard of for me. Early rises are not my style. I've finished my work for the week, and so contemplated a trip to the cinema. Figured I should just log on and check whether my boss had e-mailed me any work first. He had. I completed this task, but then knew there was the threat of more. So I just sat around. Surfing the web. Playing Gamecube. Doing other pointless things. And now it's half four and I've done nothing. And the prospect of leaving the house is even less attractive than it was when it originally occurred to me - mainly because it's now dark and pissing it down with rain.

So I guess I'll chalk this up as kind of a lost day. Maybe I'll actually get my arse in gear and do something tomorrow.


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