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Thursday, November 04, 2004

Kerry Concedes. I Cry.

I of course watched our buddy John's speech. Live. Maybe it was the sleep deprivation, maybe it was the fact I hadn't eaten in hours, or maybe it was the part where Kerry said he wished he could put his arms around each and every one of his supporters and give 'em a big hug, but I cried. I can't believe how dignified Kerry and Edwards were in accepting defeat. Good for them.

I found myself wanting to give Kerry a big hug. And when I lip read Edwards saying "proud of you" prior to Kerry giving his speech, I wanted to give him a big ol'hug as well. I figure Edwards' lovely family will look after him, but I'm worried for John K. That wife of his - I'm sure the pre-occupied look on her face has nothing to do with the election loss. I suspect she's plotting something. Something evil. I want to trust her, but I just can't.

I watched Bush's speech too (I would link to his website at this point, but us foreigners aren't allowed access any more). It was really rather peculiar. When Cheney introduced him, he looked like some kind of wooden dummy. Oh - wait! He is a wooden dummy.


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