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Monday, November 15, 2004

Mobile Phone Madness

Being the helpful little granddaughter I am, I happily agreed to help my Grandma end her contract with o2, and change to a pay as you go model. I dilligently researched all the options, and eventually made a decision as to the most prudent model and deal.

It took a mere four visits to the Carphone Warehouse to actually make the purchase - problems included idiot members of staff, a failed computer system, and idiot members of staff - but eventually yesterday, after queuing for half an hour, I made the purchase.

Back home, I prepared myself for the phone call to o2 and steadied myself with the knowledge that I was now entering the home straight. Yeah, right. The customer service line shuts at six on a Sunday - the first time I have found something that annoys me about o2. My previous service provider (Orange) had lines open 24 hours a day, I believe.

Anyway, first thing this morning I call again. I was prepared for them to ask me the mobile number, my name, my address, and postcode. It was when they threw in date of birth that I got a little stumped. What was my Grandma's date of birth? I wasn't sure. I took (what turned out to be a pretty good) guess, but wasn't quite right. Then they asked me for the password linked to the account. I explained I was calling on behalf of my Grandma, and had no idea what the password was. Cue a speech on the data protection act, and the woman telling me that she couldn't speak to me.


So now I have to try and figure out what the password might be. I imagine my Dad set it, cos he probably would have called in the first instance to set up the account. But that was like, ten years ago, so God knows if he'll remember. I can already forsee me having to make several phone calls with several guesses.


So now I have to see if I can maybe use the Internet site to do all this. Either that, or phone again, give the correct date of birth, and hope they will talk to me. I'm just a little concerned that they will have recorded my previous failed attempt on their system, and so ask me for the password even if I get the DOB right.

Sigh... The stresses of modern living.


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