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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Not A Great Start To Election Day

I have a sore throat. A very sore throat. You may remember I had the flu last week (and somehow managed to pass it virtually to Hypatia). Anyway, the flu faded over the weekend, and yet the sore throat remained.

Medical expert that I am, I decided I may have tonsilitis. Yesterday evening, I concluded I almost certainly had it. Time to go to the doc.

At 8:30am this morning, I started calling my surgery. I didn't get through til 8:55am odd. No appointments til this afternoon. Not a problem - anticipated that. Didn't anticipate the receptionist telling me: "Sorry, you're not registered at this surgery". Hmmmm, yeah, OK, except I am and have been for four years.

So here's the deal: apparently, my Health Authority sent letters to me which got returned to them. Strange, that. Cos, you know, I live here. And have done for four years. And everyone in my flats knows I live here. Anyway, due to the returned letters, they decided to de-register me. At the end of September. Despite the fact I have been receiving repeat prescriptions from the surgery for, oooo, the past year or so. You know, you think they could have called before determining I no longer existed.

So now I have to turn up twenty minutes before my appointment to re-register. Gah. I should be grateful: the receptionist is not meant to give me an appointment if I'm not registered, but I think she remembered me and so made an exception.

I gotta tell you, I really hope this annoying turn of events isn't an omen for what to expect this election day.

If there are any Americans out there reading this... Please. Please. Use your head. Vote Kerry. It makes sense. I promise.


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