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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Oh So Bored

So I survived Jersey, and my overnight stay in Weymouth. It actually all went very well - I didn't vomit on the boat, it didn't sink, and the people I'd gone to meet over on the island were very nice.

The aftermath of an event I've really, really worried about is always a bit weird. I find that if the event is short - say, only lasts an hour or two - I feel utter elation once it's finished. But if the event is longer - as in this case, a day and a half - the feelings once it's finished aren't all that pleasant. I tend to feel a continuing background anxiety which is difficult to shake. And then once that passes I tend to feel drained... and extremely bored. We're into the bored stage now.

It doesn't help that things are quiet on the work front at the moment, and so I genuinely have next to nothing to do. It's got to that stage where you try and figure out one thing to do each day. Today I'm planning a shopping trip to Croydon in order to buy birthday presents for my boss and his son (they share the same birthday), tomorrow I'm going to venture over to Brixton sorting office to experience the nightmare that is picking up a parcel from them, Thursday's the Maudsley, and Friday I'm in Exeter.

As you can see, though - each of these activities kill only a few hours of a day rather than the whole day.

There's just no avoiding it: I really have nothing to do. And I'm really, really bored. Gah.


  • At 12:38 PM, Blogger Fizzwhizz said…

    Wow. All that lovely time that you can spend working on your writing. Or doing yoga (good for anxiety). Or taking up a new hobby. Or catching up on your crosswords. You jammy bugger.


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