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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Pre-Emptive Film Recommendation

Typically, I wait until I've seen a film before recommending it. It seems like a sensible policy. That way, I actually know for sure whether it's any good.

But on this occasion, I'm going to throw caution to the wind, and recommend a film I haven't yet seen, but which has received excellent reviews, which sounds excellent, and which I have been really looking forward to.

It's Garden State. It's written by, directed by, and stars Zach Braff, who's probably best known for playing JD in the excellent Scrubs. You can check out the trailer here, and here's a little synopsis for you:
"Andrew Largeman (Zach Braff) shuffled through life in a lithium-induced coma until his mother's death inspired a vacation from the pills to see what might happen. Returning to his hometown in the Garden State, "Large" finds old acquaintances around every corner living quite unique lives as grave diggers (Peter Sarsgaard), fast food knights and the panderers of pyramid schemes. By a twist of fate, Large meets Sam (Natalie Portman), a girl who is everything he isn't. A blast of color, hope and quirks, Sam becomes a sidekick who refuses to ride in his sidecar. Her warmth and fearlessness give Large the courage to open his heart to the joy and pain of the infinite abyss that is life."

As well as the film itself having received great reviews, the soundtrack looks (or should that be sounds?) superb.

Of course, being a smallish film, Garden State ain't gonna be on at every multiplex in the country but do me a favour and hunt it down. I think it's gonna be worth the effort. It comes out on December 10th.


  • At 2:04 PM, Blogger Sundried said…

    Seen it! It was on during the London Film Festival, at which I am a regular. It's funny and charming and very good on life with/without the pills. Portman and Sarsgaard great in it, as was the man himself. He was there for a Q&A and also funny and charming. Seems it's a bit easier to get your cheap-as-chips indie feature funded if you're the heart-throb star of a sitcom...

  • At 3:43 PM, Blogger McReadie said…

    Ooooo, Sundried, I am very envious of the fact you've already seen it! I noticed it was on during the Film Festival, but unfortunately didn't manage to make the showing. I didn't realise Braff himself was around for Q&A - that must have been very cool...

    Glad your verdict on it is positive - not least after I plugged it without having seen it myself :)

    Yes, strange how when you hit TV fame there's suddenly people willing to chuck cash at you to make your little movie, isn't it? As I understand it, he wrote the thing when he was unknown doing bar work...?


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