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Monday, November 01, 2004

Subway in West Norwood!

Very exciting news! My dream has come true - a Subway is opening locally! It's not in Tulse Hill, unfortunately, which is where McReadie Towers is located. It's in West Norwood but as that's only a 15 or so minute walk away, I'm gonna call it local.

There have been some new shops opening round here in Tulse Hill recently. How I hoped that one would be a Subway. After I got made redundant, I even thought I should open a Subway in The Hill. It's a franchise, so I coulda done. I would have dragged my brother into this little business. I genuinely felt it was a good location.

Apparently, someone else agreed with me. (Yes, I know they picked a location 15 minutes away, but we're calling West Norwood local, remember? I'm attempting to be smug. Don't spoil it.)

So now no train trip to get a Vege Delight on Hearty Italian. Just a short walk. The money I save on the train fare can pay for the sandwiches.


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