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Monday, November 15, 2004

Suggest A New Job For Colin

Now that Colin's got a little time on his hands, he'll need to be thinking of stuff to fill his time. Possible job openings. Having recently become jobless myself, I think I'm somewhat of an expert on this, so I've decided to think through what new avenues Colin might want to pursue.

My favourite idea by far is for everyone's favourite ex-Secretary of State to become a Supreme Court Justice. With many of the judges close to retirement - and with William Rehnquist likely to have to retire due to ill health - it's likely there will be spots open.

Colin could follow in the footsteps of my beloved Earl Warren. Warren was also a moderate Republican. He was nominated to the court by Eisenhower, who expected Earl to continue his moderate Republicanism once on the court.

He didn't. The mighty Earl became possibly the most active liberal judge in the court's history. He believed in crazy little things like racial desegregation, the rights of the accused, and fair representation.

The idea of Colin on the court is truly wonderful.

Sadly, Supreme Court judges have to be nominated by the President. And the President has said he won't nominate any judge who would overturn Roe v Wade, the Supreme Court case which legalised abortion. Since Colin is pro-choice, I'm suspecting that Bush won't nominate him.

It's a nice dream, though.

Don't worry, Colin, we'll figure out something. If nothing else, you're more than welcome to become my best friend. The position's not open as such, but say the word and I can make some changes.


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