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Monday, December 13, 2004

Chrimbo Cards - DONE!

I can hardly believe it. Normally, my cards are written the night before final posting day. And posted sometime around January 4.

But not this year!

I have found another benefit of a flexible homeworking schedule - I can find a morning to waste writing Christmas cards.

I even managed to write a letter to an old friend of mine from university to whom I really should write more frequently.

Now I'm probably making this whole card thing sound like a monumental task. That would be a lie. There are actually only ten people on my Christmas card list this year - that's two more than last year cos I added my mental health dudes to the list. This allowed me to grapple with the problem of what, exactly, you write in a Christmas card to your clinical psychologist/psychiatrist.

Anyway, they are now all done, and just a visit to the postbox is necessary to complete the task. I shall drop them off on my way to Streatham, where I plan to do a little more Christmas shopping in the Argos which is located there.

I am of the belief that hell may in fact take the form of a busy Argos store, so I'm sure my good mood will be spoilt shortly.


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