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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

The Incredibles

The Buddy and I saw The Incredibles last night. I enjoyed it. After reading such good reviews of it, I was concerned I'd be disappointed. I didn't enjoy Finding Nemo anywhere near as much as I'd hoped to, and feared the same might be true of this latest Pixar release. But no need for concern - I thought it was great. It struck me that it was much more "adult" than Pixar's previous releases, a sentiment echoed by my brother. The themes - disillusionment with office work, looking after a family and so on - were clearly of much more appeal to grown up viewers than kids, and I did at several points think that youngsters would be getting little enjoyment from the more complex aspects of the production. I'd always thought the strength of Pixar films was that there were kiddy films which appealed to adults - perhaps they're now going too far down the path of making films which exclusively apply to adults, though I can see that kids would have got some enjoyment from the elaborate action sequences in The Incredibles.

Finished the Christmas shopping yesterday. Now just have to wait for Internet-ordered stuff to arrive. Which is always stressful.

I've been slacking off over the past few days, but today I have to go for a meeting at half three, and really should knuckle down and do some work beforehand. But it's proving difficult - mainly cos I'm into that whole pre-Christmas thing. Y'know, like at school when you figured there was no point doing any work cos it was almost the holidays.


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