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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

A Long Overdue Update

Hmmmm, I've been away for a while again. Unlike Hypatia, however, I have no news of cultural exploits to share. But, what the hey, I'll share what I've been up to anyway.

In fact, it has been what passes for a relatively busy time in McReadie Land.

Began with a trip to the London Aquarium on Friday. I love the aquarium. If you haven't been well, hey, schedule a visit at some point. You won't regret it. My freedom from contamination OCD even meant that I managed to touch the fish in the touchy-feely section. Rays feel surprisingly bumpy. The other fish felt, surprisingly enough, like, well, fish.

One of the major joys of visiting the aquarium as an adult is that you don't have to turn it into an educational experience. You can just look at the pretty fish, and pay no attention to what they are called, what ocean they live in typically, or how they have adapted to their environment. It's very enjoyable, especially when you listen to parents ruining their kids' visit to the place by turning it into a three hour lesson on sealife.

I continued the non-educational theme with a trip to the nearby Namco arcade, where I had a great time, wasted a whole load of money, and won a crappy Santa Teddy Bear.

Saturday involved a trip to the cinema to watch The Polar Express. The story is a little slow and by and large uninvolving, but it is an undeniably beautiful film thanks to the fancy motion-capture malarkey. I was the only adult in there without a kid, making me feel somewhat uncomfortable. I decided that if anyone asked, I would claim I was a film critic.

Sunday was a visit to the Streatham Ice Arena, where I watched the Streatham Redskins draw 4-4 with the Haringey Greyhounds. I had a great time. Daft I hadn't been to see a game sooner (having lived here for four years), what with my love for all things Canadian - and that of course includes the ice hockey. New Year's Resolution may be to catch each of the Redskins remaining home games.

Yesterday was what The Buddy would call a taking care of business day. Presents were wrapped and dropped over at my Grandma's for transportation back home (it's a long story, but the essential part is that it means I don't have to lug the presents to my family home on the train). Launderette was visited to ensure adequate clean clothing for the holiday period and my return to London.

And then later today I'm seeing The Buddy. We're off to see Garden State. I desperately hope I'm going to enjoy the film, because I've been looking forward to seeing it for ages. The trouble is that there's an unwritten rule that The Buddy and I can not enjoy a film to an equal extent. The last film we both equally enjoyed was Gladiator - which we saw after our finals... in 2000. So there's been a long spell of us not equally enjoying a film.

The problem is that I have read nothing but praise for Garden State, and so I'm going in with high expectations. The Buddy, on the other hand, has heard criticism of it, and so is going in with low expectations. It would seem, therefore, that I'm the more likely one to be disappointed. Gah.

Then tomorrow, it's back home to West Berkshire for Christmas and New Year with my family and a couple of weeks away from the Big Smoke. Return to London scheduled for around about the 4 of January.

So that means this is likely to be the last post to the blog before the New Year. Let me take this chance to wish anyone and everyone who's reading a merry Christmas and a very happy New Year. I hope you all have a good holiday, and enjoy some quality time with your friends and family.

Thanks to everyone who's read and/or commented on the blog over this past year, with particular thanks to Taxloss, Hypatia, Fizzwhizz, and Sundried.

Catch you all in a couple of weeks!


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