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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

My Passion For Passionfruit

I've become quite the passionfruit fan of late. In fact, I'd always been quite the passionfruit fan, believing its inclusion in any fruit juice guaranteed quite the delicious thirst quenching beverage. But my passion has been reinforced and reaffirmed of late after my local Somerfield decided that Somerthing Different included the presence of passionfruit in its Tulse Hill branch.

Thus I've become acquainted with the fruit itself - cute little dark coloured things which smell lovely and which, to show they are ripe, grow dimples.

Unlike Tesco, who gave me no indication as to how to approach a guava (answers would be appreciated), Somerfield include a little instruction book on tropical fruits when you buy any such item. Hence I felt quite the expert on how to prepare and eat passionfruit even before I'd cut one open.

Anyway, once you do, you're confronted with a whole load of seeds. Normally, I'm not a great fan of seeds in fruit - not least when they get stuck in my damn teeth. But the seeds of the passionfruit are one of a kind in as much as they sit happily amongst the flesh and are easily edible. Even for someone like me with a fear of choking (blame a near-death experience with a Mint Imperial when I was about eight), the seeds can be swallowed without extensive chewing.

I feel I should now spread the word about the delights of the passionfruit. It seems others are already doing the same. Heck, me and 24 other people can't be wrong!


  • At 1:47 PM, Blogger Fizzwhizz said…

    I once worked on a passion fruit farm during my gap year in Australia. It was backbreaking work because they grow on these vines which, for some reason, the farmer had grown in a walls-and-ceiling formation that was just too low for it to be comfortable standing underneath and reaching up to pick the ones on the ceiling. Also, I was working with a bloke called Troy (all Aussie farm blokes seem to have names out of historical romances, I worked with another one called Heath) who was intensely boring and did not, as he told me, really "know how to talk to females".
    Still, I got to take home lots of free passion fruit, and ate so many that I had an allergic reaction and got a rash round my mouth that made me look like I had a goatee. Which I don't (shut up, Sundried).
    They are good, though. I like the way you cut them open and they come with their own bowl that you can scoop the tasty bit out of (kiwi fruit also do this).
    Are guava the green ones with the white flesh inside and big black pips? I think you just munch the white bit and spit out the pips. But I might be thinking of custard apples.
    In my opinon, however, you really can't beat the lychee.


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