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Monday, January 10, 2005

All In All It's Just Another New Poster On The Wall

The Wall is a big thing in my flat. Over the past four years, it's become covered in newspaper and magazine cuttings which reflect my interests.

Today, I made the monumental decision it was time to update The Wall.

Thus this morning was Wall rearrangement time. Gone are the references to The West Wing, which fell from my favour some time ago. Gone also are many of the references to 24 which I'm realising I'm finding it difficult to continue affection for. These new clips from Season 4 haven't helped. As much as I love Jack Bauer, there's only so many times I can watch him yell a variation on "What are your true intentions?" while pointing a gun. Gone too is the Chicken Run poster which, if I'm honest, should have gone some time ago.

No, we're moving on. Alias takes up its long-deserved place on The Wall. Desperate Housewives takes up a place (this honour may yet be removed should the series not live up to its early promise). Little Bill takes a starring role. So too does everyone's favourite psychological illusionist. The Simpsons have a prominent spot. And once I'm finished with eBay, I'm hoping that Lost, Curb and Arrested Development will all have spots too.


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