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Monday, January 10, 2005

C'mon Streatham

Went to see the Streatham Redskins again last night. They were up against the Invicta Dynamos, to whom I took an immediate dislike. They seemed incredibly cocky. As they skated onto the ice, one could have been forgiven for thinking that they thought it was some sort of ice skating competition - I half expected the bloody show-offs to start performing triple lutzs - and their significant fan presence proved almost immediately annoying. They had taken over the whole of the top floor - from which I had enjoyed a perfect viewpoint during the last game I attended - and were very vocal. Not only did I want Streatham to win: I desperately wanted Invicta to lose. Would serve the cocky little shits right.

For a while, things went quite well. I am no expert in ice hockey, but I think Streatham's early success was often down to luck rather than judgement. It did seem to me that Invicta - with their fancy passing and fast skating - might just be the superior team. I had a very bad feeling as I glanced up at their smug fans.

Sure enough, the Redskins lost this "crunch clash", but not by much in the end - Dynamos 10, Redskins 9. It had been quite a different game to the clash with The Haringey Greyhounds, whose fan precense was minimal. With the Dynamos, you had to endure shouts of "losers, losers", but there was significant enjoyment to be had at the end of the game when it became clear that the Dynamos weren't willing to shake hands with the Redskins. They were, however, more than willing to punch them.

Ah, the joys of ice hockey...


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