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Monday, January 10, 2005

In An Unfortunate Turn Of Events, McReadie Is Forced To Leave The Flat

Typically, I try to avoid going anywhere slightly unusual. University, I could always be found in one of four places: the student newspaper office (most frequently), lectures/seminars/library, home, or - very occasionally - the coffee bar in my Faculty building.

It's a habit I've kept up. Usually, I can now be found in either my office, my home, or - occasionally - a cinema or fast food outlet.

However, this reluctance to be in unfamiliar environments is being targeted by the therapy. I'm to socialise more, and to make a deliberate point of not turning down invitations. As a result, tonight I'm off to a bar near Embankment tube to bid farewell to a former colleague who's going off travelling. Then tomorrow night, it's off out again to catch up with some other former colleagues. And during the day, I have to be in my new company's sort-of-office (don't ask, it's a long story), probably in order to do a ringround of every hospital in the UK (I've done 'em many times before and, trust me, they don't get more interesting).


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