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Monday, January 17, 2005

McReadie The Non-Conformist

It's strange how when you start in a new office - even if, as is the case for me, you know all the staff there - you behave better. Y'know, you feel bad as you surf the web for hours of end, you get pangs of guilt as you talk to your ex-colleagues over Microsoft Messenger, you feel that you shouldn't really be spending time writing entries on your blog... Hence the lack of posts lately. Don't worry - I'm sure that in a couple of weeks or so, my good behaviour will end.

This weekend was a film weekend. On Saturday, The Buddy and I went to see Million Dollar Baby and Team America: World Police. And then yesterday, I went to see The Aviator.

I enjoyed The Aviator, even if it is incredibly long, and has what I thought was a pretty unsatisfactory "ending". I think it's safe to say that my enjoyment of it had a lot to do with the extent to which it focused on Howard Hughes' OCD. I have to say: I'm not a big fan of Leonardo DiCaprio, but he did a damn fine job of portraying the discomfort and distress which OCD can bring, to the extent that parts of the film made me quite emotional.

Team America is, er, y'know, it's OK. Funny in a juvenile way. And its film spoof aspects are funny. Not quite sure the satire works quite as well. Its soundtrack, it has to be said, is superb.

Now then, Million Dollar Baby. I'd wanted to see it. I thought I'd enjoy it. It has had huge amounts of critical praise heaped upon it.

I hated it. HATED it. I mean, thought it was awful. AWFUL, I tells ya.

I have my reasons for this but, unfortunately, I'm a little reluctant to share them with you, because a major part of my dislike for the film is its twist at the end. And it has to be said, it is an incredible twist. A twist which I really don't want to spoil for anyone... Maybe I'll leave it a week and then post my reasons for my dislike of the film.


  • At 10:54 AM, Blogger Sundried said…

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  • At 11:14 AM, Blogger Sundried said…

    Sorry - ironically, I had to correct a typo!

    I really liked The Aviator - I would go on about how marvellous Cate Blanchett (a goddess) was as Katharine Hepburn and how cool it is that Scorsese has finally put his unrivalled knowledge of Golden Era Hollywood into a film but I realise I'm speaking to the wrong person.

    Incidentally, if it's not indelicate to ask, when were you born? Cos if your no-films-older-than-me rule doesn't include the magnificence that is Raging Bull, you're missing out on a lot. Also, it's a great film to watch with your dad - as are the Sergio Leones mentioned by Fizzwhizz. As are about a thousand other films I could mention, including plenty made before your dad was born.

    Million Dollar Baby (crap name) just had me in bits. I watched it with my dad, and he was even more upset than me. It is a beautiful performance by Hilary Swank and Clint's not half bad either (Fizzwhizz, I still would).

    I was a bit annoyed at the ending, too, and I'm wondering if it's for the same reasons. I'm trying not to give away the twist but I'll say: were you annoyed about the thing that happened with the stool or with the thing Clint did at the end? My problem is with the latter, cos I have all kinds of ethical and political concerns about that and I just think it's too easy. The former worked for me as a comment on boxing and it fits very well with Clint's concerns as a director - basically, to unpick the "man's gotta do what a man's gotta do" mentality he became famous for as an actor. The same themes are in Mystic River and Unforgiven, which I can recommend if you haven't seen them.

    Also, the damn narration hacked me off, and I didn't feel any better at the end when they explained it away with that letter motif. Anyway, I'll stop now. So, whaddya think?


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