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Friday, February 04, 2005

Here Comes The Weekend

Thank God. I suddenly feel very tired, and suspect a headache is coming on.

I've spent the day editing a piece. I was looking forward to doing this, cos I'd essentially spent all day yesterday engaged in glorified cutting and pasting activities.

My joy at returning to work which actually involves language was short lived, however. The piece was rather, er, tough going. And lacked any structure at all.

My first draft of it is now complete, along with a note to my boss suggesting - essentially - that we just forget it because I believe it will be of limited value. Be interesting to hear what he thinks.

I'm now passing the time til I can go and slob in front of the TV by reading psychology journal articles. I have to say, I'd been worried about the cost of my Open University course, but it really is bloody good value for money. I mean, the £495 I paid has covered loads of textbooks, videos, audio cassettes, and computer software, and gives me full access to the Open Library, a truly wonderful place. I used to hate finding journal articles when I was at university, cos I'm very bad at finding things anyway, and finding some four page article in one of 100 available volumes of American Political Science Quarterly... Well, it was just taking the piss.

But the Open Library is all computerised - just enter in the title of the article you're looking for, and voila! It's great!

I replied to the lovely welcome e-mail I received from my tutor the other day, and received another lovely e-mail back. She thinks my previous study - and my interest in psychology - should stand me in pretty good stead for the course. She mentioned that I'd probably find the key difference was that the OU give you all the required reading for an essay. I have to admit, I have found this the only way in which it differs from my previous university experience. Back in the day, I was greeted with twenty five page reading lists. Now all the expected reading comes from one of the textbooks I've been sent.

Anyway, she said I was more than welcome to read any additional material, and to use it, so long as I referenced it in my essays. I decided it best not to tell her that I had done just such a thing in my first essay (that one which you're not even meant to start until the beginning of March).

The Buddy and I are due to see Closer tomorrow. I've seen quite a few bad reviews of it, but two colleagues whose views I respect really enjoyed it. So I shall hope for the best. And then on Sunday, we have ice hockey! My Streatham Redskins are up against the might of Milton Keynes.

(If I'm honest, I have no idea whether or not Milton Keynes have any might - it was just good alliteration).

Have a good weekend, everyone.


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