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Monday, March 07, 2005

"Coach Carter": A Sports Movie The Way A Sports Movie Is Meant To Be Done

Those of you who read my none-too favourable review of Million Dollar Baby may remember that I have an embarrassing level of love for sports movies.

It was perhaps inevitable, therefore, that I would find myself wandering over to The Ritzy this weekend to catch Coach Carter.

Now this, my friends, is a sports movie the way it's meant to be done! Guy who grew up in a rough area and went to a rough school but who managed to go to college and make a go of his life returns to his former high school to coach the failing basketball team and, with methods which at first mystify the young team, puts together a winning squad! Coach insists that kids also study hard in order that they have a chance of going to college and getting away from their bad neighbourhoods! Coach bans them from playing basketball until their grades improve! Kids study hard, and eventually six members of the team go to college! McReadie sheds a tear or two!

Yes, this was a sports movie, goddamit. And best of all, it's based on a true story! What more could you want in a sports movie? Nothing, nothing I tells ya!

To use the sort of lingo from the film: now that what I talkin' about!


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