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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

The Delight That Is BBC Three's "Little Angels"

I love Little Angels. I became hooked on this BBC Three parenting programme over Christmas, and since then find unable to tear myself away from the TV any time I stumble across it.

In the show, a truly lovely clinical psychologist, Dr Tanya Byron helps out families with their badly behaved little shits of kids - and invariably by the end of the show turns them into lovely, well behaved little kiddos.

That alone is a nice concept, but for me there's the additional delight of watching other people being subjected to a mental health professional who is ALWAYS BLOODY RIGHT.

And - hey - there's going to be a new spin on the classic formula! Teen Angels is coming! We'll get to watch the lovely Tanya get shits of teenagers to behave! I can't wait.

I tell you, Tanya is ranking up there with the truly wonderful Alvin Hall on my list of beloved TV gurus. Alvin has the comedy edge - that way of talking of his, his insistence on using cakes to demonstrate financial issues, and that intriguing hint of campness ensure that - but Tanya is up there too.


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