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Thursday, April 21, 2005

No-One Ever Tells You It's Expensive To Be Spontaneous

I've just booked a ticket to see Brian Wilson in concert at the Hampton Court Festival this Summer.

I was quite excited to find out he was playing a London gig - I didn't realise - and searched through a few Internet sites in order to find one which didn't say all tickets were sold out.

I then booked. With a little bit of worried thought, admittedly, but not that much.

I'm meant to be try to be spontaneous. No ruminating over whether or not I should spend money on something.

Trouble is, I'm doing a little too well lately. The Nintendo DS, the holiday, and now this... And I spent some time this morning looking online for digital cameras. I tell you - this being spontaneous malarkey is costing me cash. Lots of it.


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