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Monday, April 25, 2005

So I Bought The Digital Camera

I went for a the Kodak Easyshare CX7330 in the end. I ordered it from Boots online, and think I got a pretty good deal. Camera's normally £129.99. I got it for £89.99, and got a free dock worth fifty quid. Also bought a 512MB memory card for about 35 quid - normally costs seventy.

So the camera's due to arrive tomorrow. I'm quite excited. The idea is to get used to it before my little trip abroad this Summer so that, when I get back, I can bore you with half-decent shots of cyclists during the the Tour. Bet you can't wait! Hypatia and Taxloss have set the blog-shared holiday snap standard very high, and I think practice will be needed to get anywhere near it.

I sort of promised myself this would be my last purchase for a while, in light of the amount of money I've spent lately. But Yoshi Touch and Go is out on Friday and, as it's my last session at the Maudsley on Thursday, I might need something to get me over the sadness of saying goodbye to the dudes. (Nice justification, huh?)


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