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Monday, April 18, 2005

Well That's That Mystery Solved

For about ooo, six months or so, residents of Tulse Hill have been waiting with baited breath to see what new shop was going to open in the former residence of Tulse Hill Newsagent and Greengrocer (well, alright, perhaps it's only been me who's been eager to find out). For some time now, work has been going on inside the shop. Followers of the goings-on (yes, alright, maybe just me) noted the introduction of tiles on the floor. Some hoped this signified that a launderette would be opening. (Yes, alright, me - I hoped that. The walk to my current launderette is too bloody far. Oh for the days of my second year at university, when I actually lived next door to a launderette).

Today, the mystery has finally been solved, with the introduction of signs on the establishment. And, frankly, the news has come as a crushing disappointment. We are to have a new... Chinese and Thai takeaway.

I don't need a new Chinese and Thai takeaway. I have a Chinese takeaway. It's Pangs. I'm very loyal to them, and them to me. They give me free fortune cookies. And they have, according to their menu, been in the Tulse Hill area since 1969. 1969! How can I abandon them for a new Chinese takeaway? And I'm scared this new establishment will try and tempt me with cheaper prices. I will have to look away.

No, what I needed was a launderette, goddamit. Or maybe an Indian takeway. Since Balti Hut shut, I've been in need of a nearby Korma vendor. But, no, it's not to be. Damn.


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