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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Dr Tanya Byron: Assumes First Place On My List of Fave TV Gurus

Last night I made an important decision. In a previous post (which I can no longer find - the Google search of my own site is, frankly, shit) I believe I had expressed my admiration for The Lovely Dr Tanya Byron. I believe I had also stated that Alvin Hall remained top of my list of TV Gurus, but that Dr Tanya came a close second.

Well, after much thought, I have decided that Tanya is now at number one. Alvin, I love you, but I can't justify keeping you top of the list on the basis of your amusing voice, bowties, obsession with using cakes to illustrate financial issues, you being named after a TV chipmunk, and your intriguing hint of campness. (Oh, dammit, Alvin, now I've listed your strengths I'm beginning to waver...)

No, it's Tanya all the way now. The House of Tiny Tearaways confirmed what we all already knew: it's impossible not to love the lovely Dr Tanya (and impossible not to wonder if her kids are badly behaved little shits who tantrum, fail to go to bed on time, make mealtimes hell, and who litter their sentences with swearwords).

Of course, I have an additional reason for enjoying these shows - it's very nice to see someone else have to deal with a clinical psychologist WHO IS ALWAYS SODDING RIGHT (and who is so sodding nice it's impossible to get angry about that fact).

We seem to be in repeats of Tiny Tearaways now. So last night it was back to food phobic Lewis, a lovely little child, who for some strange reason I can completely identify with. Hmmmm...

My BBC Three comes and goes (don't even get me started...) and so I missed much of the last week of the show. I was therefore upset to hear in a recap that the lovely Dr Tanya's father had died unexpectedly. She thus she took some time out while some other psychologist took over the house. I did pity the other psychologist. I wondered whether she was permanent understudy to the lovely Dr Tanya. She finally thought: "hey, here's my chance!" but we all know she's no Tanya. I can just imagine her going: "yeah, I'm the psychologist from BBC Three's House of Tiny Tearaways... no, just from time to time... what do you mean you don't remember me?"

Anyway, after some time away, the lovely Dr T of course returned to say goodbye to the families. Cos that's the type of lovely lady she is. I was amused to see the parents' reactions at her return. Tanya hugged 'em all and asked how they were. The parents then returned the "how are you?" and the minute Dr T said she was fine, it was straight into: "yeah, great, so look, he's still not eating properly, what do we do?" I'd like to think that they spent some time off camera expressing their condolences, but it is amusing the extent to which we act as though healthcare professionals are there to help us and only us, and fail to spend much time enquiring as to whether they are actually OK - I know I'm guility of doing that. Perhaps we all are to some extent.

(Ah ha! The kids apparently do throw tantrums. And I, apparently, am not the only one who's put Dr Tanya at the top of the TV Guru list.)


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