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Monday, May 23, 2005

McReadie: Pursuing The Truth

We've got a lot of hits lately from Google searches attempting to find the defition of "Hollaback Girl". You may remember my recent post drawing attention to this pressing question.

Well, I think we all know McReadie is always out to please her readers. And thus I decided to make it my personal quest to find out the truth behind the mystery.

Step One: a text to London station Capital FM yesterday morning. They played the song. As it played, I texted the following:

"Trevor, Cueball and Ros - let me use your considerable expertise in the field of popular music. What, precisely, is a Hollback Girl?"

I wasn't sure what, if any, response to expect and so was shocked when a mere couple of minutes after sending the text, it was read out on air (I failed to record my radio mention - much to my disappointment). Anyways, three Capital FM DJs don't seem sure of the meaning either. They eventually suggested it had something to do with cheerleading.

It's a lead. I'll follow it. We will find out the answer to this.


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