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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

McReadie Travels In Car From Exeter to London; Does Not Vomit

The attentive amongst you may remember that it looked as though I was going to avoid having to find out whether sitting in an Audi with my boss for three hours on a trip from London to Exeter would lead me to vomit.

We did indeed get the train down there. The tantrum-prone child that is my anxiety decided to kick up a fuss on the train, and thus I got a little panicky. I was taking the trip with my boss and his dad, and so social anxiety seemed the way to go. I managed to stick with it, though, and I was OK even if it was an unpleasant, anxiety-filled journey.

We arrive back at my Boss' Home. Stage Two of the anxiety test, since I don't like staying in other people's homes. I manage to hang in there, and listening to some Teitur soothes me off to sleep.

I awake two hours early, and my anxiety rapidly climbs as I contemplate breakfast with the family. Eventually, it's time to get up - this is good, cos the anxiety rapidly falls away once I actually face what I'm worrying about. I conclude I could eat breakfast...

...so of course we don't, and instead head straight to our scheduled meeting. This goes fine. I start to allow relief to develop, thinking I've made it through another Anxiety Test. My boss tells me he'll just sort a couple of things, then drive me to the train station for the journey home.

Woo hoo!

That's when things start to go wrong. One of the errands my boss runs prior to driving me to the station is calling a guy we're doing some work with in London. Turns out guy thought we were meeting with him today. Before I know it, the plan has changed - we are driving to London. Now. We are eating lunch in the car (yes, still the Audi). This is so not good.

So I get into the car, complete with sandwiches.

Three hours. Small talk. Lunch. And...

...I am not sick. Take that, anxiety!


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