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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Vision Express Croydon: Do You Believe Them?

I wandered over to Croydon this weekend, and paid a visit to Vision Express in the hope of getting my glasses repaired and at last dispensing with the cling film which is currently holding them together.

I had phoned Vision Express to ask them about getting a replacement arm. I was told they would call me back. They didn't. I mentioned this to them when I visited the store at the weekend. Sure enough my the details of my call had not been logged on their database.

Anyway, the annoying woman to whom I spoke claims that it is not possible to simply order a replacement arm for my glasses. She claims the only option is to order a whole new frame. My opinion is that the bastards are trying it on. Attempts to gain an understanding as to why they couldn't merely order a new arm were fruitless. She claims it's even harder to do for rimless glasses than it is for full-framed ones, though. A piece of "logic" which is still hurting my head.

So, I ask you: are they telling the truth, or are they lying bastards? Vote in the new poll (right), if you please.


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