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Monday, May 09, 2005

Vision Express Oxford Street: Do You Believe Them?

Yes, kids, it's the continuing quest to fix McReadie's glasses. As you may remember, Vision Express Croydon claimed it was not possible to simply replace the (broken) right arm. Instead, they claimed an entirely new frame would be needed. Do you believe them? Vote on the right, if you please.

I decided that a policy of playing branches off one another was the way to go, so at the weekend strolled into the Vision Express branch on Oxford Street to see if they would sing a different song.

Unfortunately, they sang the self-same ditty. After nothing more than a cursory glance at the frame and the problem, the assistant informed me that "they don't do spare parts".

Who "they" were was confusing to me. Unless she had a truly encyclopedic knowledge of all glasses produced over the past few years (frankly, looking at her, seemed unlikely that she had an encyclopedic knowledge of anything) it would have been impossible for her to ascertain that my glasses were made by Guess.

She didn't even take them to look at - she just glanced at them as I held them out. So I think "they" is an excuse. I think "they" implies the glasses manufacturer. I think "they" is actually "us". I think "they don't make spare parts" actually translates as "we don't ask for spare parts because, frankly, we'd like you to pay for the whole new frame again if that's all the same to you - lucky the insurance we made you fork out for only covers you for a year, isn't it?" Again - share your opinion. Vote in the new poll in the right sidebar. I may e-mail Guess to ask them if they do spare parts. Ha. That'll teach those Vision Express bastards.

So here's the plan. I have, thanks to Bernard uncovered the wonder that is 39 Dollar Glasses. As a result, I have ordered a pay of glasses - bendy rimless glasses, no less, with case, coating, and thin frames - for 50 quid. ALL IN. Consider that my Vision Express pair cost hundreds of pounds, and I think you'll see the sort of bargain I'm getting here.

Once this pair arrives, I'll see what I think of 'em and if - as I have every reason to believe - they are good, then I am officially declaring myself done with British opticians. As mentioned before, I've worn glasses for twenty three of my twenty six years and over that time have seen opticians change from what felt like a legitimate and important part of your healthcare to money-grabbing bastards. So I'll get my eyes tested at the best opitician I can find, but sod getting the glasses there. I'm tired of being ripped off simply cos I have bad eyesight.


  • At 12:02 AM, Anonymous BB said…

    Please let us know what the $39 glasses are like. A writer of one of the techy sites here in NZ ordered a pair and then recommended them as very good so I hope yours are.

    I'll be using them when my time comes...


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