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Sunday, June 05, 2005

Help Me Look After My Virtual Pets

Regular readers will already be familiar with my love for hamsters, and that the rules of my rented accommodation preclude me from hamster ownership. Recently, I have been on the look out for possibilities for virtual hamster ownership. The quest started when my mum heard of this site but, sadly, no hamsters available. I did some Googling and found this - limited but cute.

Then yesterday, my dad told me of this site. It's great! You can adopt a whole load of cute pets. And so I did!

I have a whole menagerie now. Always one to share, I'd like to invite you guys to check in with the pets from time to time if you feel so inclined.

Woodrow The Hamster
Gil Grissom The Fish
Pingu The Penguin
Quack The Duck
Roger The Rabbit
Roar The Baby Tiger

Do drop in on them from time to time and pat them on the head. They'll appreciate it.

This whole, superb, site, is the work of a resident of my fantasy hometown - yup, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I'll say it before, I'll say it again: all hail the mighty Toronto.


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