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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

It's Too Hot

Most people like Summer. They like the sun. They like the warm weather. They like the balmy nights.

I'm not most people.

I do not like Summer.

I fail to understand how people can enjoy hot, humid weather. But perhaps that's just because I have a head which is prone to massively excessively sweating. It just strikes me that you can't do anything about being too hot. Too cold, though, and you've got lots of options.

The past few days here in London have been ridiculously hot. Fortunately, today it's a little fresher, and the outlook for the weekend is good from my perspective - storms! At last, we will perhaps have a situation where I can sleep at night with my duvet over me! Is that too much to ask for?

There's an additional issue with Summer: it makes me nervous. My mentally dodgy mind tells me that I should feel nervous the minute it gets hot. It remembers lots of nerve-provoking stuff which has happened during the Summer months, not least the very bad patch I had a couple of Summers ago (when it was just about the hottest Summer on record in London). So I tend to get anxious when it's warm. My clinical psychologist pointed out I couldn't dislike a whole season - a valid point - and I'm trying not to ruminate (counting down the days til September etc). Feeling a bit better this morning.

And, of course, my holiday is coming up. And that is making me nervous.


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