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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Lambeth Country Show

I admit it: I love the Lambeth Country Show. I have to admit that part of my love for it is ironic. I grew up in Newbury, which each year has The Royal County of Berkshire Show. Now that's a proper country show - annoying farmers, craft marquees, and the vague smell of manure. So I was immediately amused when, upon moving to Tulse Hill, I discovered the Lambeth Country Show. I loved the idea that a London borough was attempting to recreate the snobby, country-folk experience of a Country Show.

The other part of my love for the event is, though, completely unironic. Although I hate Lambeth Council's ability to regularly screw up my council tax, I do appreciate how active they are as a local council. They really do provide many community events and services, and the Country Show is part of that. I also enjoy the idea that kids growing up in London get the chance, for a couple of days each year, to become country folk - to have the bizarre experience of a show which combines livestock with motorcycle displays. (Being serious - I do think it's great that city kids get the chance to see animals at the show).

I bring all this up because this morning I received a free newspaper from Lambeth Council telling me what events are on over the next few months (see - active council!) Of course, the Country Show gains top billing, but I was very disappointed to see that they've shifted it forward this year. It's on the 16th and 17th of July. I'm sure that every other year it's been towards the end of August or beginning of September. I regarded it as a sign of the beginning of Autumn - just like the Last Night of the Proms. Now it's in July it won't have that nice association any more. And it'll also clash with the Tour. I need to be glued to my TV in July, Lambeth Council! What were you thinking?

The newspaper also told me about this - the chance to see a film on a Thursday night, near to me, and cheaply. It reminds me of my university days, and visits to the film theatre. Of course, I discover this just as they are closing up for the Summer. Never mind. Maybe the re-starting of Film on Thursday can mark the beginning of Autumn, now that the Lambeth Country Show doesn't.


  • At 7:17 PM, Blogger Barbara L. said…

    Hey there, long time no comments:-)

    Just wanted to say that we seem to share another TV passion--CSI. Hubby and I got hooked on reruns this summer while we were on vacation in Las Vegas (go figure)and New Mexico.

    Since returning home a few weeks ago, we have been renting and watching the DVDs of Season 1-3. We're averaging 3 episodes each night, and currently we have five episodes more to go in season three (Thank god--the show has sort of been taking over our lives). Seasons Four and Five are not out on DVD yet, so we'll have to catch them in reruns. See my blog and my hubby's blog (www.publicbrewry.blogspot.com) for assorted CSI-related posts.

  • At 10:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I've not been to the Country Show for a few years because we moved out of the area but I remember it with much affection. It had a lovely feel, and was always much better than the Wandsworth Show (now axed by Wandsworth tories) which was never as relaxed.

  • At 10:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    I've lived in Tulse Hill/West Norwood since 1998 and the Country Show has always been the third or fourth weekend in July.

    I agree that it is totally fantastic, and this year was no exception. The best one for years. The weather was fantastic and the vibe great. I enjoyed parachutists, eagles, punch and judy, cider, shire horses etc. and loads of good music. Plus managed to spend over £50 on nick nacks such as necklaces, fudge, books, soaps.....

    Can't wait til next year.


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