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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

A Nice Cycling Story

The great thing about cycling is that it so often throws up nice stories such as this. It's quite a long piece, and I know few share quite my level of enthusiasm for the sport, so let me just share this lovely photo with you - the stage winner and his manager (Vincent Lavenu, who's been one of my favourite managers in the sport since about 1992.) If you don't get a little bit emotional at this photo well, then, you're less of an emotional fool than I am:

Givors / Chauffailles

Today is the time trial in the Dauphine Libere. It's a good race - one which many, including Lance Armstrong use to tune up for the Tour and so one of the few which, naturally, Eurosport doesn't show.

The time trial is an important indication of where Armstrong is at in his preparations for the Tour. Here's hoping for a good day.


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