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Monday, June 06, 2005

Oh, Governor Jeff...

I spoke too soon. Last night's Pioneer House has shaken my love for Governor Jeff. His reaction to the coming out of one of the guys in the colony was not good - Jeff believes homosexuality to be a sin. Lay preacher Don Heinz, however, who I declared just yesterday I disliked has gained my affections by his reaction to the news.

For it's the Heinz's servant Jonathan (I have a feeling he spells his name differently to that so, Jonathan, if you're reading, I apologise) who came out. Jonathan, bless him, had been really worried about it, so he took Don and his wife aside and told them first. Don later related that, when taken aside, he was concerned that Jonathan would say he felt he'd been so badly treated by the Heinzs that he wanted to leave the colony - "it was such a relief when it turned out it was only that he was gay". Aw, Don.

The realisation that Governor Jeff may not be as nice a religious zealot as I thought has upset me...


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