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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Oh Help Us

Teddy Ruxpin is back. And just when I'd got over the trauma of him first time around.


  • At 10:46 AM, Blogger Fizzwhizz said…

    But the real news of the day is that my Amazon DVD rental list has finally chuntered its way round to the start of my 24 series 3 marathon! If Prince Charming thinks he's going to be hiring any of his 'The Making of Led Purple Floyd's Greatest Album Ever, in 3 Hours of The Band's Own Words And With Never Before Seen Footage of Old Men Widdling on Guitars' type DVDs in the next coupla months he can sod right off. Anyway I've converted him to the 24 cause so it's not likely anyway.

    I'm very excited that Tony's career finally seems to be taking off, but I can't believe we're supposed to swallow the idea of Kim being transformed in a scant three years from brainless whining teenager who can't even hold down a nannying job without getting caught up in a kidnapping/murder spree thing to some kind of computer whizzkid with a ballbreaker office attitude and edgy hairstyle.

    I wish I worked at CTU. It looks like a fun place where people are appreciated for being talented and don't have to pussyfoot around being polite to each other all the time. Also it seems like a great place to get laid and/or make some money on the side by being a mole for forn tursts.

    No one's said anything about balm yet (apart from me shrieking 'tell me where the balm is!' to annoy my boyfriend when he's trying to concentrate on the dialogue (he's new to 24,as I say, and doesn't quite get the point yet I think)).

    Anyway I'm sorry to hijack your blog but no one reads mine any more...

  • At 10:47 AM, Blogger Fizzwhizz said…

    PS I don't remember Teddy Ruxpin. Otherwise I would have commented on that, obviously.

  • At 3:12 PM, Blogger McReadie said…

    Ah, Season 3 of 24... Welcome, my friend, to a new drippy love interest for Jack, a drippy new sidekick for Jack, and a few plot points that are never really explained...

    I too struggled with the concept that Kim could possibly have secured a job in CTU and, for the first few weeks, found myself constantly thinking she was just on work experience there or something - I had to keep reminding myself that the girl who was almost caught by a cougar, who decided the best person to turn to when in peril would be her former kidnapper, and who fails to obey any instructions however clear was in fact now employed by the agency responsible for protecting the United States from terrorism. I too found this all a little hard to swallow, until I reminded myself that nepotism is a very powerful thing and that probably right now, across the world, daughters of high powered men are employed despite a lack of any perceptible skill.

    I quite agree - CTU looks like a delightful workplace. And I'd like to work there if only for the ringtone on their phones. Though the open plan layout and all that transparent glass would make it difficult to sneak in a Messenger chat or a quick blog post. And there does seem to be high level of death and destruction there. But every job has its drawbacks, right?

    And, yes, it is of course very easy to be a mole. All one needs is a Nokia mobile. And you'll notice that as the seasons tick by, the writers seem less and less concerned by concealing the mole in the office. They suddenly become quite open, making phone calls to the baddies right under the noses of the goodies.

    ("Forn tursts" - ha ha, I'm right in thinking that is 24 speak for "foreign terrorists"? I love it! I'm insanely jealous of your ability on this, cos I stole "balm". Didn't originate it. Sigh.)

    And you've timed it beautifully, cos I believe Season 4 is due out in August... Just in time for your completion of Season 3!

    Ah, and no need to apologise for hijacking my blog. I'll forgive and forget, just like President Palmer does about... more or less everything.

    Though I still check in on your blog, looking for updates... Sob... :)

    Teddy Ruxpin was this hideous being:



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