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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Lance Kicks Butt

As mentioned, yesterday was the first big day at The Tour. And boy did Lance kick butt. I was there yelling the flat down, doing my best impression of a directeur sportif (cycling language for "team boss, coach, and all round lucky dude") - "Vino's suffering, boys, turn on the gas", Ullrich's gone, Ullrich's gone, keep going!", "Basso's dropped! Basso's dropped! Turn it on!"

Needless to say, my neighbours must love me. What the heck - it's revenge for their very loud parties on weekends.

Yes, Lance blew pretty much everyone out of the water. A minute into Basso, two and a half into Ullrich, and about five into Vinokourov. It was an incredibly exciting stage. For once my heart was pumping over time due to excitement rather than anxiety.

Not only was I cheering Lance, of course. I was cheering all the Discovery Channel boys. The other day, they had us all a bit worried, with an uncharacteristically below-par performance on the first mountain of the Tour. But they were back yesterday - big time. Controlled the race beautifully, and gave their all for Armstrong. We love 'dem Discovery boys.

And my new tip for the top, Yaroslav Popovych, rode beautifully in support of Lance. The moment Lance clearly told him to turn on the gas was a great one. Popo just went for it, and one by one the cyclists dropped off the back of the group. Go Popo! (I would link to the previous posts on the blog on young Popo but, I've said it before, I've said it again, the Google search of my own site is hopeless).

Another very big day today - the highest climbs of this year's Tour. Needless to say, I'll be doing a whole lot of yelling again today. GO LANCE!


  • At 6:29 PM, Blogger Barbara L. said…

    how are you enjoying the tour so far? Today was a great day for USA:-)


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