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Friday, August 05, 2005

The No Sense Of Humour Lighting Man, And The No Sense Of Humour Hospital Person

As you may have gathered from reading my ramblings here, I have a bit of a strange sense of humour. It has been described as everything from dry to weird to: "You sarcastic bitch". (The last description being probably the best and most accurate).

Now when you have a bit of a strange sense of humour, it can be a problem. Most people I meet get used to it in time, and it's fine. But for a small minority - those with no discernable senses of humour at all - it remains a stumbling block to all communication with me. Like the colleague of mine at my old company who asked, during hot weather, why I was still wearing two layers (the answer was that, at the time, I had a bit of an OCD-thing about getting cold). My response - "Because I'm a cold-blooded reptile" - wasn't taken in quite the spirit I'd hoped, and that colleague seemed to avoid me from that point on.

I'm reminded of this today, because there have been a couple of examples.

First was at a training session this morning. I was directing the training with my boss, and one of the trainees had been in a foul mood all morning, and been pretty unpleasant to me.

We'd split the people attending the session into four groups, and the group this woman was in was the only one who hadn't yet had a briefing from my boss. So, anyway, my boss is eventually free, and I wander over and ask the group this woman is in if they'd be interested in talking to him for a few minutes. The woman grouches and moans, and says the training session was meant to finish at twelve. I looked at my watch: "Well, that's OK, it's two minutes to twelve. My boss talks quickly".

Yeah, sorry, that wasn't really an example of my sense of humour issue, was it? It was an example of Angry Sarcastic McReadie. But, OK, here comes a proper example of what I'm talking about.

My colleague (and, indeed, friend) and I had to go and buy a lamp at lunchtime (don't ask). So after wandering around the area near our office, we eventually find a shop with the words "lighting specialists" in massive letters on the window. We walk in, and you're surrounded by every single type of light and lamp imaginable. Anyway, we walk up to the guy, and he asks what we're looking for. I say: "We're looking for a lamp. Have we come to the right place?"

My friend and I giggle. The shop guy, on the other hand - not even a smile. In fact, he asked us if we'd been drinking.

Reminds me of the time my chiropodist, upon examining my ingrown toenail, asked me how long I'd had it. My response: "The toe? For as long as I can remember". Again, not a titter.

The good news is that sometimes I do manage to restrain myself. One time I was in a supermarket, and the woman in front of me was loading can after can of dog food onto the conveyer belt. Honestly - you've never seen so much dog food. It's all she was buying. And she had the dried stuff, the meaty stuff, the cleans the dog's teeth stuff. Everything.

I cannot tell you how tempted I was to say: "Got a cat?"


  • At 6:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Yeah that happens to me too i duno why, sometymes i can make loads of people laugh other times theyre lyk huh and i don even know WHY i sed it i don find it funny myself! But im better at makin ppl laugh by dares pranks funni voices and what I DO as opposed to just 'jokes'. sometimes da things i say is funny, sometimes its also the way i said it. I hate it though when i say something thats just casual and people think im trying to joke or be funny, but I'm NOT. today i was tryin to talk to my friends and these boys came to join in our convos, and i was just sayin things but i forgot when they came what i was sayin so i said to my friend 'what was i sayin? these 2 distracted me,' which was the TRUTH but them 2 thought i was tryin to be funni and sed laufin 'i thought you'd improve by now, but no' WHAT? i was bein serious and i wasnt being funny so why are they interpreting that as a joke. i dono why but things like that annoy me soooooooooooooo much. I'm 16 though. I'll learn how to make people KNOW when im being serious or funny. MJshazam

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