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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Noooo! Someone's Leaving Alias!

An Alias post - for the benefit of Barbara, mostly, cos I know I still haven't managed to turn the rest of you on to the delights of Alias (what's wrong with you people?)

I'm afraid I must share some bad news. Someone major is leaving, if Kristin at EOnline is to be believed (and, it has to be said, she's only to be believed about 50% of the time). Check this out:

"Parting is such sweet sorrow...Heartbroken. Shell-shocked. And just, well, sad. I've never approached a column feeling quite like this, which explains why I rewrote this paragraph nine times before I realized there's no easy way to say:

Someone is leaving Alias. A main, integral character. It's happening early in the season. And many of you will be devastated."

And, she of course, holds back from telling us who this character is.

So, of course, I've started work on trying to figure it out. All anyone seems to be able to "confirm" is that Greg Grunberg ain't in Season 5, and nor is Mia Maestro. But surely neither can be considered major characters? I mean, I love me some Agent Weiss, but he's not a main character by any stretch of the imagination. And, OK, I know that Nadia is a pretty big part of the story but would the post above really relate to her departure? Seems unlikely.

After a quick Google, it seems that the theory gaining momemtum on various Internet boards is that it's Michael Vartan. I think he would warrant the post above. But let us not jump to conclusions too speedily. This is, after all, a serious matter. Let's consider the other possibilities:

- Carl Lumbly... Well, let's face it, Dixon ain't that major, and I think he's more liked/respected than loved by us Alias geeks.
- Kevin Weisman (Marshall)... Well, sure, we love him, but - again - I think the above posst would be a bit OTT.
- Ron Rifkin (Sloane) - well, personally, I'd be upset if Sloane left. I love the evil little bastard. But would this quote really be used for him?: "And many of you will be devastated."
- Devastated - now, that's a strong word. It's a word that I would use to describe my mindset if it turns out Spy Daddy Victor Garber is leaving. But I'm excluding him as a candidate on the basis of the same quote I used to exclude Ron Rifkin: "And many of you will be devastated." Let's face it, were it Spy Daddy leaving, we'd ALL be devastaed. Not just many of us. We'd ALL be devastated.
- That only leaves Jennifer Garner and, let's face it, if she left it'd surely be time to pull the plug on the show (well, at least I hope they'd pull the plug on the show). And since there have been lots of reports about the pregnancy being written in, I'm assuming it's unlikely she's leaving.

So, I gotta say, Vartan looks like the most likely candidate. My reaction is part upset, part sheer relief that we will still have Spy Daddy for Season 5. (We will, right? Someone tell me for sure we will! I can't live with the doubt!)


  • At 4:56 PM, Blogger Barbara L. said…

    Here's the various tidbits that I have heard circulating over the past few months.

    Mia Maestro will be in at least the first three episodes (will she be the first to recover from the Rambaldi virus or will she die? The answer wil probably depend on whether TPTB decide to keep her on after the first three episodes).

    I also heard awhile back that Jennifer Garner was trying to get Michael Vartan written off the show. At the time, I didn't want to believe it because she seems too nice to do that. But given the new rumor that you heard, coupled with the final events of the season finale (which you've seen at this point, right?), it may be him who is leaving. That is who I'd put my money on.

    Grrr. I'd be more upset if Sloane or SpyDaddy was being written off the show, but I'm not happy about Vaugha, either. Actually, the one person who I'd be fine to see go is Mia Maestro. she's okay, but she never really grabbed me like the other characters, who have been on the show longer.

    I also heard that with Jen's pregnancy, she'll be doing less kick-ass stuff and instead mentoring a younger female spy (should we call her SpySkipper? Or did Mia Maestro get taht nickname already? If so, she could be SpySkipper 2).

    There's also a chance that Lena Olin may be returning for one or more episodes...

    BTW, how can your friends not like Alias? Who are these people? :-)

  • At 5:19 PM, Blogger Barbara L. said…

    So, I just checked out the Specs and Spoilers thread for Alias over at TWOP, and people there are pretty sure it is Vaughan.

  • At 4:50 AM, Blogger Barbara L. said…

    So, I have a few more casting tid-bits (not Vaughan related) Do you want me to tell you what they are?


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