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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Ron Howard?

I think I've previously discussed my hopelessness when it comes to meeting famous people. About as impressive as my encounters get are a phone conversation with former Health Secretary, and always Father Christmas lookalike, Frank Dobson; a phone conversation with Keith Chegwin; and a possible encounter with Anton Rogers in Newbury WH Smiths.

The Tour never really used to attract famous people. The most we used to get was a visit from Alain Prost. But that, as with so much else, has changed since Armstrong started his Tour-winning. Now we get famous peeps all the time.

And, if you're lucky, you even get to see 'em. As previously mentioned, I saw Sheryl Crow a couple of times on my little trip.

But now it seems that I may actually have seen someone else famous while on my Paris trip - Oscar winning director and former 1970s sitcom star Ron Howard. Thing is: in common with my general hopelessness when it comes to spotting famous people, I didn't actually notice I'd spotted him. I was too busy taking piccies of Discovery Channel team rider Pavel Padrnos and it was only when I uploaded my photos that I spotted another man in the shot - a slightly ginger man in a baseball cap, who looked an awful lot like that Oscar winning director and star of the 70s sitcom Happy Days.

A quick Google shows it could have been him - he's apparently in Paris at the moment directing a film, and was due to visit the Tour. So I ask you - did I meet Ron Howard? Review this photo, and then vote in the poll on the right, if you please.


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