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Monday, August 08, 2005

Take That, Dr Pepper Museum!

So, as mentioned last week, back on March 4, I ordered some goods from the Dr Pepper Museum, in Waco, Texas.

20 weeks after I placed the order, I was still waiting for the goods to arrive. At that point, I was given a refund. They wouldn't give me a refund prior to that point, apparently because they believe that goods often take 20 weeks to get from the States to the UK. In fact, they were steadfast in their belief that 20 weeks was standard.

You may remember I told you I was therefore going with Plan B - eBay. I bid on a Dr Pepper tin sign, and won. I asked the guy if he had another of those signs. He did. He happily sold it to me, and was incredibly helpful.

On Saturday, 30 July, I sent payment for the two signs.

This morning - Monday 8 July - I received the items. Just over a week from payment to delivery.

Take that, Dr Pepper Museum! ONE WEEK! NOT 20 PLUS! ONE!


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