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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

A Wealth of Televisual Delights Awaits!

It must be said, I have been rather starved of televisual delights of late. Oh, sure, there's been the ever-reliable Alias on Sunday nights but, frankly, that's been about it. Long gone are the days when, early this year, I was involved in careful scheduling to ensure I could watch all the shows I wanted to (there was a list made, and it was stuck to the fridge, and - yes - that was probably a sign of OCD). I have been forced to go to my fall back options - repeats of Friends and Frasier.

But it seems that next week this state of affairs will change. First off, Lost will at last be with us - Wednesday, Channel 4, folks. As you know, I've been looking forward to this show for ages, and its appearance alone would have been enough to declare next week A Good One Televisually. But, wait, for there is more! Season 3 of Without a Trace starts on E4 next Tuesday! A little more promotion for this, Channel 4/E4, if you please! And, then, with less promotion than something which hasn't been at all promoted, Season 2 of Arrested Development apparently begins next Thursday on BBC4.

Why, I'm as excited as Televisual Geek McReadie can be!


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