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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

And Now It Seems That It Isn't A Joke

Further to my two previous posts, Armstrong has issued a statement which indicates he wasn't kidding around when he spoke of a comeback.

Statement as follows. Interestingly comes from Armstrong's spokesman Mark Higgins, who'd said earlier in the day that Lance was 100% retired (poor Mark - I used to hate it when my boss said one thing which I told people, and my boss then said something completely different which I then had to tell to the same people):

by Mark Higgins, CSE:
We have been getting a lot of calls on the Lance comments from today's Austin American Statesman.

Here is a statement from Lance regarding his career:

"While I'm absolutely enjoying my time as a retired athlete with Sheryl and the kids, the recent smear campaign out of France has awoken my competitive side. I'm not willing to put a percentage on the chances but I will no longer rule it out..." - Lance Armstrong


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