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Monday, September 05, 2005

Bleedin' Gums McReadie

Many have argued that I'm more than a little like Lisa Simpson (just substitute Lisa's desire for a pony with mine for a hamster), but today I feel more like Lisa's hero, Bleeding Gums Murphy. After a spot of brushing of the ol'teeth this morning, I noticed some pink mixed in with the toothpaste spit. In a totally non-obsessional manner, detailed analysis was carried out, including a repeat tooth-brushing to eliminate certain possible confounding variables; and extensive washing out of mouth with salt water occurred in order to stem any bleeding and to disinfect any wound. I'm now nursing (probably imagined) tooth pain. I still struggle a bit with the old health anxiety aspect of my OCD but I realise I seem to be improving a little: I'm not yet worrying myself sick with thoughts of complex dental surgery.

How are you all? It's been rather a long time, hasn't it? No real reason for the lack of posts lately - I guess I just got out of the habit, and I also went home for a few days over the August Bank Holiday weekend.

Beyond worrying about the possible dental issues, have been worrying a little about my impending Open University exam. It's on October 10. It's strange, but my anxiety never really used to extend to exams. But this time round, I'm feeling out of practice, and am acutely conscious that I've spent over four hundred quid on this course. It's been about five years since I took an exam, but I can report that revising is as painful as ever. I hate revising. Hate it.

In more positive news, went to watch the last stage of the Tour of Britain yesterday. I had intended to go last year, but didn't because I was working the weekend (I would be made redundant on the Tuesday, following seven straight days in the office, but let's not drag that up). I wasn't too sure what to expect, since my previous experiences of watching cycling from the road have been at the sport's biggest race but, I've gotta tell you, I was incredibly impressed. It was well organised, I managed to get a great spot along the great course (through Westminster, and past many London landmarks) and there were some even some good freebies on offer. All in all, a great day, and I'd certainly recommend it: even if you're not a massive cycling geek, it's a good day out. I even managed to get Roger Hammond's autograph (he's a Brit who rides on the Discovery team).

The only slight downer was the cost of the official merchandising. At the Tour de France, I bought a lovely set of four pin badges of each of the classification jerseys for fifteen Euros (ten quid). Even came in a nice little presentation box. The collection of pin badges of the classification jerseys at the Tour of Britain would have cost over 20 quid. Ah, us Brits and our need to make cash.

I'm pleased to see that the site has received a fair few hits off the back of my recent post declaring my hatred for Coldplay. It seems that I'm not the only one who hates the group more with each passing day.

I've decided to therefore make another music confession which could be seen as a little embarrasing: I can't help but like McFly. Yes, I know they're just a Beach Boys/Beatles/Busted hybrid knock-off but, dammit, those cheeky lads sing some catchy tunes.


  • At 4:26 PM, Blogger Fizzwhizz said…

    Oh. My. God. I can see the headlines now. "South London Woman Bleeds To Death Through Small Mouth Wound"/"Local Boots Manager Gets Life After Court rejects 'It was only a soft bristle' Claim"/"Parents of Toothbrush Death Girl to Set Up Memorial Trust"/"The Sun Says: This Teeth Brushing Scourge Must Stop"/"Why I Still Believe Flossing Is the Evil Work of Immigrant Single Mothers, Even Though I'm Dead, by Lynda Lee-Potter".

    Never mind your bleedin' gums. The real question is, should I see the doctor about my headaches, which I now know from extensive internet-based research are CLEARLY a symptom of a brain tumour and/or impending stroke, and not just ordinary hormone-related migraines?

  • At 5:29 PM, Blogger Fizzwhizz said…

    By the way I saw Ron Howard on telly this morning so I am now in a much better position to judge whether or not you did actually see him at the Tour (being as how I didn't acutally remember what he looked like before). But I can't find the link to the photo to check it out. Might you link to it again so that I can look and decide?

    PS He was plugging the new Russell Crowe film, Cinderella Man, which I thought looked quite good until I realised it had that annoying Zellweger woman in it. Has anyone else noticed how much Crowe is starting to resemble an Australian Mike Reid? Seriously. Just imagine Russell saying 'Pat, Pat, I love you, mate' and you'll see what I mean.

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