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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

For Fizzwhizz

A post just for long time Nuggets supporter Fizzwhizz, in response to her comments on my Bleedin' Gums post. Never let it be said we don't make individual readers feel special here at Nuggets! (Cos you are special!)

I should perhaps say, first off, that the whole Bleedin' Gums panic turned out to be, er, rather unnecessary. No further "bleeding" has been observed, and it seems that the pink colour in the toothpaste spit could in fact have simply been the remnants of the artificial colouring found in the gummy Pick N'Mix sweets I had been eating prior to the brushing taking place. A couple of lessons here, kids: 1) Panic is never productive and 2) Woolworths Pick and Mix sweets really aren't good for your dental hygiene and health (but I think we all already knew that, deep down).

Now, Ms F Whizz, in response to your health anxieties... See, now, I don't think I can really answer the question you posed about whether a doctor visit was necessary for your headaches. To do so would be to give you reassurance, and that would in turn simply feed back into your health anxieties. So let me ask you this: Do you think you need to go to the doctor for your headaches?

(See how annoying the implementation of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy techniques for anxiety can be?)

Now, to turn to your second question quickly before you yell: "JUST TELL ME WHETHER I SHOULD BE WORRIED! DAMN YOU!"... Ah, yes, Mr Ron Howard will of course be hitting the TV screens to plug his new flick, so I shall indeed post the photo once more so you Nuggets readers can share an opinion as to whether I did see (sorry, meet) the man himself:

Here's the piccie. You're looking at the guy on the right in the grey baseball cap.

Whaddaya reckon, peeps?

PS. I love the Mike Reid/Crowe comparison, Fizzwhizz! I see exactly what you mean. I'm going to take Crowe's words even less seriously than before now. And I don't like Zellweger either... But my love of sporting dramas - especially those based on a true story - is such that I will go and watch the film. And try to ignore her.


  • At 8:40 PM, Blogger Fizzwhizz said…

    It's SO him. Without a doubt. Could he have been researching Lance: the Movie, do you think?

    Anyway I am getting sick of filling up your comments boxes with my waffle. I'm sure you'll agree it's high time I just went back to my own damn blog. So, why not join me now as we take a trip to Chateau Provincial and see what the folks are up to Out West?


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