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Friday, September 09, 2005

A Long Overdue Larry Mention

I realised it's been a while since I mentioned comedy hero Larry David. So I figured I'd do it today, especially since I've realised he sneaked in another amusing blog post without me noticing.

Occasionally, when I need a good laugh, I like to go on to Amazon, pick a product I like, and read the one star reviews of it. I just find them funny. So I figured today that I'd take a look at the one star reviews of Larry David's Curb your Enthusiasm. This was my favourite:

One star
I ordered the first season based on the reviews and since I am always hungry for good comedy. I watched the first three episodes before returning the DVDs. This product should be rated XXX!
The vulgar language and total lack of any moral standards was more than I could stand. I cannot imagine how anyone could find this boring garbage funny. Larry David had nothing funny to say so he used vulgarity at every opportunity to try and attract an audience. If you like to listen to foul language being used to describe the male anatomy and sexual activities in general, then this trash may be for you. Many scenes in the first three episodes dragged on and on even though there was nothing going on besides some boring dribble between Larry and his wife.
Do yourself a favor and don't waste any money or time on this trash!

Almost as funny as an episode of Curb. Almost.


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