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Friday, October 21, 2005

All The Time In The World For...

There are certain celebrities for whom I have all the time in the world. These are people who seem to me to be genuinely nice. They seem down to earth. Untainted by their fame.

I have decided to list them, here on the blog, so that an official record of my love for them exists. Please feel free to make further suggestions but, remember, the standards here are high - I don't declare just anyone to be someone for whom I have all the time in the world.

- Fern Britton: So nice and Mumsy. You know that if you fell off your bike and scraped your knee, she'd be there with the Dettol and the Band Aid.

- Phillip Schofield: Just seems like a lovely man.

- Dawn French: Funny, nice, and likes chocolate. What more could you want?

- Dolly Parton: Down to earth and nice despite probably having an income larger than that of many developing countries.

- Kirsty Young: Despite being very pretty, she seems down to earth and normal. Also, she once said in an interview that she had problems at school due to her deep voice, and I relate.

- Victor Garber: What can I say about Victor that I haven't said already?


  • At 1:56 PM, Blogger Fizzwhizz said…

    I love Dolly too. Not only is she awesomely talented, very funny and extremely hard-working, she is also incredibly supportive of other women in the music and entertainment industry.
    Has anyone else noticed how a) Pam Anderson (another celeb for whom I have hours, and hours of time) is turning into the new Dolly Parton and b) Jordan really wants to be the new Dolly Parton?


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