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Monday, October 24, 2005

Broken Flowers

Went to see Broken Flowers yesterday. My love for Bill Murray is such that it was of course crucial to go and see it on opening weekend. Gotta love The Murray.

My view? Much like that of Fire Blanket - I liked it, but I didn't love it. I suspect it was a bit too arty for me to fully "get". Not as arty as Coffee and Cigarettes, which I absolutely did not get but suffered through for Murray, but still a little too into all the symbolism nonsense for me to declare that I loved it.

(I'm sure the basketball hoops everywhere meant something but what, exactly?)

That said, Murray was as great as he always is, and Jeffrey Wright was excellent too.

But perhaps most exciting Broken-Flowers-Actor-Discovery is that I've found today that "Kid in Car" is played by Bill Murray's real life son, Homer. Now if only I'd known this when I was watching! And if only I didn't feel the cinema social pressure to leave before the credits are up! (My stalker-like qualities mean I already knew Murray had a son called Homer).

I tell you, there really should be some kind of law whereby these kind of details are flashed up for my benefit. Yeah, here's the deal: if a film contains someone who isn't well known, but who is linked in some significant way to one of my favourite actors, warning should be given at both the beginning of the film (right after the BBFC bit) and at the beginning of the scene. Warnings should be worded along these lines: "HEADS UP MCREADIE: THE YOUNG MAN IN THIS SCENE IS BILL MURRAY'S REAL LIFE SON!"

See, now I'm gonna have to watch it all over again. And wonder about the basketball hoops all over again. Damn.


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